Jess Johnson Photography's style is to stay true-to-life with minimal editing and retouching.
All edits provided by the photographer are final and will include basic color correction, cropping/straightening, and simple retouching. 
Examples of things included:
removal of *minor* blemishes, pimples, bruises, scratches, and insect bites
(at the photographer's discretion)

Examples of things NOT included:
(but can usually be done for an additional editing fee upon request)
 removal of: braces, visible bra straps, visible undergarment outlines, visible hanger straps, visible safety pins, hair ties on wrist, imprints from hair ties on wrist, tan lines, uneven tans/tan marks, sunburns, peeling skin, chapped lips, reddened skin, marbled/mottled skin, skin discoloration due to cold temperatures, goosebumps, glasses glare, hair frizz/fly-aways, acne, bandages, large cuts/bruises/wounds (depending on area/size), strings hanging from clothing,  wrinkles, wrinkles in clothing, lint/pet hair/other debris on clothing, body hair, sweat/sweat stains, deodorant marks; editing improperly fitting clothing, missing or chipped finger nails, visible new growth/hair roots, faulty makeup/eyelash applications, visible hair extensions; removing/adding objects/people from/to images; weight/size/body modifications of any kind.
Additional editing/retouching can be requested and will be outsourced for an additional charge. A breakdown of additional editing/retouching charges can be found below.
(Prices subject to change and may vary depending on specific requests.)
Parents, please also note that boogies/crusties/food/food stains should be cleaned from little ones' faces before family sessions begin. (These things can also be edited out for an additional fee.)
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